Only 1 quantity item can be purchased for a lightning deal on Amazon

While many items are available at a low price on Amazon during their lightning deals, one of the problems is that the quantity the buyer can purchase is limited.
For example on 27 October 2018, there was a lightning deal on amazon for AAA rated batteries.
The domain investor had purchased some motion detector lighting.
These lights required 3 AAA batteries
However each pack of AAA batteries contained only two batteries and it was restricted to 1 pack per customer
Now for more gadgets, customers are told to use the same rating of batteries for proper functioning
Since only two batteries were available at the low price, other batteries had to be purchased

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Cash paid to Amazon delivery person used to load account

Usually the cash paid to the delivery person in excess of the bill amount, is pocketed by the delivery person as a tip.

However it appears that for Amazon delivery persons, they are supposed to credit the amout paid to the Amazon balance of the customer.
so if the amount is even less than one rupee more, the amount is automatically credited to the account
For example for an order of 98.10 , which was automatically converted into COD by the software, despite there being enough balance
So when Rs 99 was handed over to the delivery person, .90 was added to the Amazon balance
A sms notification was also received.

Software converting orders into cash on delivery despite having Amazon pay balance

In a clear indication of a flawed software, Amazon is converting orders into Amazon pay balance orders into COD orders automatically, even if the customer has enough money in his or her account.

In September 2018, one order in subscribe and save was converted into COD because the balance was not sufficient.
So in October 2018, the customer ensured that the Amazon pay balance was sufficient to pay for the third order also.
However in October 2018, the delivery person again started demanding money saying that it was a COD order
The parcel label also mentioned COD
So clearly there is a flaw in the software

Hence to avoid paying cash in future, the order was cancelled.

Payumoney introduced new button feature for online payment

Compared to the tools available 18 months ago, there are significant improvements in the options available for online sellers in India
In 2018, Payumoney has made it very easy to make buttons for selling any product online from a website
The process of creating buttons in Payumoney is similar to creating Buy now buttons in Paypal, however there are fewer dropdown/customization options
Additionally Payumoney allows the user to pay using netbanking, online wallets like Freecharge
The main problem for the domain investor, for online sales, remains getting orders, despite marketing the website extensively, she has not got a single order after she created online purchase buttons for a large number of plants more than 40 days ago

Nurserylive Payumoney integration for Firefox

Like most online stores, Nurserylive is using Payumoney payment gateway for receiving online payment from customers
It is observed that after the payment is made, the payment acknowledgement page says that it will redirect to the main website automatically.
However, it is observed that redirection is not working properly for firefox browser
There is a message click here, however there is no clickable link on the payment acknowledgement page
While the Micromax laptop of the domain investor has been hacked extensively by google, tata, ntro employees, it would be interesting to find out whether other nurserylive customers are facing the same problem.


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Despite keeping enough Amazon pay balance, COD order delivered

The domain investor always prefers to use Amazon pay , because it is difficult to find change of 10 paisa or 50 paisa depending on the order amount to pay the delivery person. It is also easier to track the online transactions.
It appears that Amazon is very rigid in processing the subscribe and save orders , approximately 7 days before the scheduled delivery date.
If the balance is not available, the order is immediately converted into a COD, cash on delivery order
However the customer does not get any notification that the order is converted into a COD order.
Only when the delivery person is asking for cash, does the customer realize that the order is converted into COD order.
This can lead to arguments with the delivery person, why the order is converted into COD, despite having an amazon pay balance.

Amazon subscribe and save prices are changing

It appears that the prices indicated in Amazon subscribe and save are changing over a period of time.
For example in September 2018, the domain investor found that the amount payable was Rs 410+ so she added the required amount.
However after a few days she got the notification that she still had to pay rs 12 for the order
That day, the domain investor had some other urgent work, so she could not immediately add funds
She added funds the next day, however the order was already processed and the account was not debited for a particular item

Some Webhosting companies have stopped using WHMCS

One of the consequences of google’s destroying competition, especially link sellers like th domain investor owning this website, is that the demand for webhosting has greatly reduced in the last few years
Google has become extremely efficient at tracking link buyers and penalizing them to increase the Google adwords profits, so very few are purchasing links for advertising.
With fewer customers for webhosting, webhosting companies are forced to reduce their webhosting expenses to the extent possible.
Earlier almost everyone was using WHMCS since link sellers could afford to pay more for webhosting, now most link sellers are broke or have diversified into other fields shut down in August 2018

After more than 10 years in operation, Ebay india was shut down in August 2018
Before Flipkart, Amazon became popular in India, Ebay was the most popular selling platform in India
The auctions on ebay were particularly popular
It was an excellent way of selling low value items, getting feedback
However due to google, tata policy of only letting frauds flourish online in India since 2010, has greatly increased online fraud in India. Many online business owners find that their profit has greatly reduced
Ebay was sold to Flipkart, and after some time, Flipkart shut it down