Online shopping fraud was planned well in advance

It appears that a very senior official in goa had planned the online shopping fraud on the google competitor in 2012

The google, tata employees who were pimps for goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan, had decided well in advance that they would defame the domain investor and dupe people that the goan call girl was making all the online payments, though the goan call girl did not have a credit card, and was not using the internet at all.
In 2013 itself the slim goan bhandari call girl sunaina chodan, was openly boasting in panaji, goa, that though she did not wake up before 7 am, she would get credit for the online work she did not do

Additionally she also boasted that if the domain investor placed any order online, her lovers, sugar daddies, google, tata pimps and relatives would dupe people, companies and countries, that the goan sex worker was shopping online, though these men were aware of the fact that she was not making any payment at all.

Shopping cart and conversion rate

The sales at a particular website depend to a large extent on the shopping cart, and checkout speed.
In many cases, the user is unable to checkout quickly, faced problems, and will abandon the sale,
For example google, tata have their associates hacking the browser of the domain investor and the payment will fail
In other cases, problems are faced for making online payment