Tactical gears clothes and accessories in demand

There is an interesting development happening across the retail world of the internet these days. It seems like any sort of outdoor activity gear or clothing is now called “tactical”. He seems a bit ridiculous but that is the new trend. Tactical Gear style backpacks, pants, and boots are even being asked for my school kids. Kids want to wear tactical backpacks to look cool. The LA Police Gear brand of tactical gear items seems particularly popular in the USA. We’ll keep an eye on this trend.

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Amazon network allegedly used for selling ganja/marijuana in India

According to a report in Times of india the Amazon network is allegedly used for selling ganja/marijuana to buyers all over the country
The sellers are listing the item as curry leaves and stevia leaves on Amazon
The buyers are informed to purchase a particular listing with curry leaves and they get ganja delivered without any problem using the amazon delivery partners
This shows the misplaced priorities of government agencies in harassing small online businesses who are only dealing with digital products, yet are being harassed for more than 11 years, especially in panaji, goa

amazon fails to explain why their greedy gujju domain fraudster raw employee stock trader amita patel with monthly revenues of Rs one crore cannot purchase domains legally for 8 years

one of the best examples that indian tech and internet companies are openly involved in a massive EXTORTION racket with the help of ntro, raw, cbi employees, google, tata, amazon fail to explain why their greedy gujju domain fraudster raw employee stock trader amita patel, featured in moneycontrol, hindu business line with monthly revenues of Rs one crore cannot purchase domains legally for 8 years despite getting a raw salary for FAKING domain ownership
Though the cunning cruel real boyfriend of amita patel ntro employee puneet ran one of the greatest online, financial frauds since 2010, falsely claiming to own the domains of a single woman engineer, his btech 1993 ee classmate who he HATED, in 2021, it is clear that the ntro employee puneet has never paid for any domain,like other ntro/raw/cbi employees who are FAKING domain ownership
Yet NTRO/raw/cbi continue to make fake claims about the domain ownership, criminally defaming the real domain investor causing great losses and adversely affecting her lifestyle. The government agencies are supported in their EXTORTION RACKET allegedly by google, tata, amazon
Usually only a person who is investing in domains, is considered a domain investor, when the greedy gujju domain fraudster amita patel does not want to purchase domains for the last 8 years, since it is very difficult to make money, why is the indian government, internet sector making fake claims about the greedy gujju domain fraudster amita patel.

Hackers creating account at Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd misusing email

NTRO is sharing email details of the domain investor with everyone and hackers are creating an account using the email , account on different websites

This another message received due to hackers misusing the email id

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Hoping that you will enjoy this experience.

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Amazon TV ad promoting sellers,delivery partners are respected because no one criminally defames them and is rewarded for doing so

allegedly bribed by google, tata, indian internet companies,the intelligence and security agencies especially in panaji,goa are extremely ruthless in criminally defaming domain investors, abusing their powers to make fake allegations without any proof at all to ruin the reputation of an innocent person and duping people, companies and countries that their relatives and bribe givers who do not spend any money on domains,own the websites, bank account.
The domain investor a single woman engineer has no one to help or defend her against the malicious high status liars and so a large number of people, companies and countries are believing their complete lies.
Now just because some google, tata sponsored frauds have criminally defamed the single woman, the internet companies and officials are justifying the denial of opportunities to the single woman engineer
Amazon TV ad promoting sellers,delivery partners claiming that they are respectable, conveniently forgets that the largest indian tech and internet companies are openly involved and supports criminal defamation of domain investors, who are far more skilled, hardworking, experienced than the amazon delivery partners and sellers.
Before the fraud indian tech and internet companies led by google, tata, started their malicious slander and criminal defamation campaign against the domain investors they were also respected for their skills, work ethic
Only when the google, tata PIMPS running india’s biggest SEX, BRIBERY RACKET to avoid paying goan call girls and other fraud officials from their million dollar profits, started their vicious slander campaign with 100% lies against the domain investors, rewarding everyone especially greedy gujju fraud stock broker amita patel for making fake allegations, running an EXTORTION RACKET, did the domain investor find that a large number of people are misled