Webhosting integration with Paypal is very efficient

Compared to online stores selling physical products , the billing interface of webhosting companies with Paypal is very efficient, very rarely does a buyer experience any kind of error.
Immediately after making payment, the buyer is redirected to billing page of the webhosting website.
The main problem faced is that the email account used for the webhosting account is used to login to the paypal account, when many people are not using their paypal email id for their webhosting account.

Failure rate for amazon direct credit card payment is higher

While making payment on amazon , it is better to add funds to amazon pay, and then use the money to pay for an order because the failure rate for direct credit card payment is higher on Amazon.
It appears that statistical and other information is used for checking whether the transaction is a fraud.
So once the domain investor tried to pay for an order directly using her Visa credit card, it failed.
Soon afterwards, since she wanted the item, she added funds using the same credit card to her amazon pay, and the transaction was processed without any problem.
It appears that payment using credit card is blocked for some websites, even for cleartrip the domain investor was not able to make a payment.

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