Panaji writing fraud results in delay in amazon order shipping

One of the reasons why the domain investor is forced to waste so much time exposing the panaji writing fraud of google, tata is because her online orders are delayed, cheque clearing is affected, because the goan government blindly believes in all the lies of panaji writing fraudsters, google, tata

Usually amazon orders are shipped the same day, yet because google, tata, ntro are promoting the dehradun tshirt wearing maidservant in her writing fraud in st.inez panaji, goa, a large number of people are duped by her sugar daddies and mentors spreading false rumors

Panaji, goa is the writing fraud capital of india, with the pathological LIAR intelligence and security agency employees taking massive bribes from the sundar pichai led google, tata and making fake claims that various lazy greedy inexperienced unskilled women who are not doing any computer work, own the paypal, bank account of a single woman engineer whose identity is robbed so that google, tata’s SEX SERVICE providers, robbers and cheaters who are not doing any computer work, get a monthly raw/cbi salary at the expense of the engineer who is getting nothing
After the google, tata call girl sunaina, siddhi, school dropout robber raw/cbi employees have been exposed now PIMP LIAR google,tata employees are now promoting a lazy greedy young female fraudsters from Dehradun who was wearing navy blue tshirt, pink leggings andpink necklace on 30 July 2019. The tshirt wearing young female fraudster is working on the seventh floor of a building in st.inez panaji, in the house of sinh, and is hired for household work
the sinh’s are paying her to keep the young woman from dehradun for keeping their house in perfect condition, the tshirt wearing servant is not doing any computer work at all, because she does not have the skills, computer and internet access
yet google, tata are beating the nigerian fraudsters in their online, paypal fraud , when they falsely claim that dehradun fraudster servant, is doing all the writing work, since these fraud companies are ruthless in criminally defaming the engineer who is actually doing the writing work, because google, tata have ensured that she does not get other paid work in India
Bank details will legally prove that the google, tata, intelligence and security agency employees in panaji, goa are worse than nigerian fraudsters in their endless online frauds.
Can google, tata explain why the tshirt wearing dehradun servant is not getting payment in her own bank account or that of sinh, why the payment is coming to the account of the engineer who these fraud companies are criminally defaming as having no skills and not doing any work.
This is posted as a fraud alert so that no one is duped by the lies of google, tata, security and intelligence employees in panaji, goa .
Why do indian intelligence agency lack the intelligence to ask the dehradun maidservant for proof, why are they blindly believing the lies of the tshirt wearing dehradun servant

Online orders delayed because of ntro banking, credit card fraud

The ntro employees led by mhow cheater puneet hated a single woman engineer, domain investor, so to cause maximum harm to her, they faked their relationship and started making fake claims about her bank account, credit card to get all their sugar babies raw/cbi jobs with monthly salary without doing any work, without investing any money online at all.

These ntro employees are extremely powerful and extremely vicious in defaming the engineer who they hate, so that no one is believing her though she is telling the truth, while everyone is believing all the LIES of the fraud ntro employees and their lazy greedy SUGAR BABIES like sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, school dropout naina chandan, her lazy fraud sons nikhil, karan, riddhi nayak caro, asmita patel and other frauds

The domain investor is wasting a lot of time trying to end the fraud, because her cheque clearance and online orders are getting delayed because the goan government is blindly believing in the LIAR BANKING FRAUDSTER ntro employees who falsely claim that their lazy greedy SUGAR BABY FRAUD girlfriends, who they have got raw/cbi jobs own the bank account, credit card of a PRIVATE CITIZEN

In 2019, the ntro employees are open that HATE the engineer,domain investor, so the goan and indian government should not rely on their FALSE STATEMENTS about her. The domain investor, engineer wants the government to treat her like other citizens, whose bank account ownership is determined based on actual data, not on fake relations. yet in goa, the fraud continues, and now online orders are also being delayed after cheques are delayed.

For example the online order on amazon was placed on June 30, 2019, and she got the shipping notification only on July 3, 2019. Usually the shipping notification is sent the next day, yet because of the bank, credit card fraud, all orders are getting delayed. NTRO, goan government should be honest that the raw/cbi employees got the job only because they are sugar babies or related to top officials, they do not own the bank account, credit card and do not have any kind of online income.