Number and type of batteries for items sold online not clearly specified

Specifications of many items sold online are not complete
The domain investor had purchased motion detecting lighting devices online
However unfortunately the specifications of these items are not complete, so it is difficult for the user to check the gadgets till they are received
Most of these motion detector devices are using batteries

Many of the online sellers are traders who do not have much technical expertise, so they are not providing detailed information
For these lighting devices, it is not clear in the specifications what type of battery these items are using
In the same listing it is mentioned AA and AAA batteries are required.
Only after receiving the sensor light, the user can open the gadget and check the battery slot, fit the AA, AAA battery and find out if it actually works
For example the domain investor purchased 3 motion detecting lighting devices, and they required a total of 7 AAA batteries
The domain investor had purchased only 4 AAA rechargeable batteries, she had some AA rechargeable batteries available, and thought they could be used.
However now she realizes she will require more AAA rechargeable batteries

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Cashback Coupon not received as promised

Many times the domain investor is purchasing items from a website, only because of the promotional deal or offer which is available only for a short period of time.
A gardening website offered a 30% cashback to its customers.
The cashback coupon was to be sent on 21 October 2018
However it was not received.
The domain investor had to open a support ticket, and only after a delay of some days, the coupon was received

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