ExpressCrypto closed

ExpressCrypto Maintenance
Reason: Hardware Failure
Dear Members,

As everyone knows, ExpressCrypto has been offline since 2021-12-24 09:41:17.
Our database server currently cannot recognize the primary and backup disk. The entire ExpressCrypto technical team working on the system recovery.
– 2021-12-28: Transfer hard disks to special recovery company.
– 2021-12-29: Special recovery company working on the restoration of both disks.
– 2022-01-04: Due to the holidays, there is no update from the company.
– 2022-01-19: We have received the final response from the recovery company.

“It is with regret we inform you that after the diagnostics performed by our engineers we have found the damage to be too severe, deeming this case unrecoverable.
– SSD doesn’t detect because of a failed controller chip
– Controller model: SM2258H
– There is no support for this controller model in the data recovery industry”

Due to this situation we will process to the liquidation of balances, fill out the form with the required informations.

Last date for filling the form is: 30-01-2022

– 2022-01-24: We are starting the liquidation process, please check your e-mail (you will be notified for payment or in case we need more information).
– 2022-01-31: No more requests will be taken into consideration.
– 2022-02-07: Status of the liquidation process:
* Requests Received: 401363
* Requests Processed: 84122
* Requests refused: 2062
—The ExpressCrypto Team