Money from credit card fraud used for online shopping in Gurgaon

Times of india had a report of V. Narayan on increasing credit card fraud, in Mumbai, with the fraudsters getting away with their crime, and specifically on the case of Sameer Shetty, who lost more than Rs 10 lakh due to alleged credit card fraud
Though it was reported as credit card fraud in the media, it appears that it is most probably netbanking or debit card fraud since it is usually not possible to make a payment of Rs 49500 repeated at most websites
This also exposes why the credit card fraud cases are not solved, most people especially housewives do not have much experience in actually using credit cards yet are considered experts by government agencies to pay them monthly salaries, give them great powers , The government agencies are falsely claiming that housewives only cooking, cleaning for their crooked husbands, with no credit card of their own, own the domains including this one, and credit card of private citizens who are then criminally defamed in the worst manner, their correspondence robbed.
The report also said that the money stolen was used for online shopping in Gurgaon,which indicates that money was transferred to the bank account of the cybercriminal. Gurgaon has emerged as cybercrime hub in India , with government employee mba hr ruchika kinge openly involved in cybercrime on the domain investor like many others, to make fake claims of domain, credit card, bank account ownership and getting a monthly government salary.
Cybercrime is very lucrative, mba ruchika kinge has plenty of money, leads a very lavish lifestyle, and is wearing a new expensive outfit, in every social media post.