Exchange price for smartphones lower than promised online

It appears that the exchange price for smartphones posted online is misleading, actually sellers are getting very low prices, from reddit for reference

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1 hour ago

Where can I exchange my old phone and get a good price of it?

Hello there. So recently I tried to buy a new phone from Amazon & Flipkart and used the exchange phone option so I can get the new phone for cheap.

My phone has no damage but minor scratches on the screen protector. It’s 2 years and 3 months old and it’s VIVO Z1X model.

On Amazon it showed me 8000 exchange value for my phone and on Flipkart it showed 6500.. But when Amazon came to pick it up even with perfect condition and all the box and accessories present they offered me only 2000 and their reason was because phone is almost 3 years old and I cancelled my order. When Flipkart showed up to exchange my phone he said 2500 and I canceled my order again.

Can any one please tell me from where I can get the best value for my phone.. Atleast 7 to 8000 is fine because my phone is in top condition, never visited service center, never dropped it, the only scratches are on the screen guard.. That also if the guard is removed the screen looks like new.