Exchange price for smartphones lower than promised online

It appears that the exchange price for smartphones posted online is misleading, actually sellers are getting very low prices, from reddit for reference

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Where can I exchange my old phone and get a good price of it?

Hello there. So recently I tried to buy a new phone from Amazon & Flipkart and used the exchange phone option so I can get the new phone for cheap.

My phone has no damage but minor scratches on the screen protector. It’s 2 years and 3 months old and it’s VIVO Z1X model.

On Amazon it showed me 8000 exchange value for my phone and on Flipkart it showed 6500.. But when Amazon came to pick it up even with perfect condition and all the box and accessories present they offered me only 2000 and their reason was because phone is almost 3 years old and I cancelled my order. When Flipkart showed up to exchange my phone he said 2500 and I canceled my order again.

Can any one please tell me from where I can get the best value for my phone.. Atleast 7 to 8000 is fine because my phone is in top condition, never visited service center, never dropped it, the only scratches are on the screen guard.. That also if the guard is removed the screen looks like new.

Online shopping companies following the footsteps of government agencies in cheating, exploiting the powerless

The domain investor is a victim of government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD, CYBERCRIME since 2010, with raw/cbi falsely claiming that their lazy greedy fraud employees especially goan gsb fraud housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro, sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani, goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan, greedy gujju stock trader amita patel, indore robber deepika/veena and other frauds who do not spend any money on domains own this and other domains, based on the lies of cruel cunning cheater government employees from the btech 1993 ee class of iit bombay like j srinivasan, puneet, who hate their real classmate, and are ruthlessly ROBBING her because she is powerless and has no one to help or defend her.
Now it appears that the online shopping companies are also following the footsteps of government agencies in cheating, exploiting the powerless , the local intelligence agencies have profiled almost all online shoppers, to find out their social network, how much they can complain
So a large number of indian citizens are complaining on reddit, that poor quality products are being delivered to them and they are not even getting a refund. The problem is acute for online shoppers having a job, since they take leave from office to return the product, and no one is coming to take the item being returned in some cases. Some people have purchased expensive items costing more than Rs 5000.
Due to the government SLAVERY, financial fraud on the domain investor, widely discussed on quora, reddit by greedy gurugram, haryana mba hr fraud raw employee ruchita kinge and others , the domain investor has very low business income, and cannot afford to purchase many items online.

Brazilian complaining about laptop purchased online

This is posted only for information

I’m Lucas, a Brazilian living here in India since the past 2 months, and for the next 4. I needed to buy a laptop for work, and Amazon was the only platform accepting my international card for payments. I bought an ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 for 1,45,640 and received a damaged laptop – the paint was peeling, when turning the laptop on, the screen was not even properly displaying the image, it was like only one fourth of the image could be displayed on the screen.

They accepted it is their fault and offered a refund immediately, but it has only gone downhill from there. It’s been 3 weeks, 17+ hours of talking to customer support, 2 failed pickups and no resolution. This might be a long history of what happened, so apologies in advance.

23rd June
I had bought a laptop (a new one) for work but I instead received a damaged laptop. I clicked a video of the unboxing and could see that the box looked old, piquing my doubt. On opening the laptop, it was damaged. The paint was peeling off and it was clearly worn out. On booting the laptop, the screen resolution was completely off – not what happens with a new laptop. I immediately initiated a return. Amazon accepted their fault, and scheduled a pickup for 28th.

28th June
So I waited, I stayed the entire day in home to make sure I would not miss the pickup. The courier never came because some technical issue on their side as confirmed by amazon support. I spent hours talking with customer support, trying to explain how ~1.5 lakh Rs is a very large amount to have held off for so long, how it’s needed for work and how the pickup messed up from amazon’s side. Tried asking them for a quick pickup, a fast tracked pickup but to no avail. The next available date according to all of the representatives I spoke to was 13th July (the return window closes on 30th June, which made me extremely anxious).

13th July
So yes, I had to wait more than two weeks for a pickup date of a company that does same day delivery! Of course initially outraged with the situation, but I was so tired of fighting that I just quietly waited. In the early morning of 13th, I received a message saying “pickup cancelled as refused by the client!”… WHAT?? I was flabbergasted they would straight up lie like that, no one showed at my doorstep, no calls were received! So there I go again, to talk with amazon support. Always the same speech is delivered, “I’m so sorry that his happened! I promised you the next pickup will be done!”.

This time the lies got even worse. I talked with a representative who said he would arrange a priority pickup for the very next day, I just had to wait for two hours for that to be updated in the system and a confirmation email would be sent! Well, at this point you can already probably guess what happened next, or maybe not, because it’s even worse: No pickup was even ever scheduled. And to my worse fears, when I tried rescheduling the pickup via their website, it was not giving me that option because the window had expired on 30th June! This cemented my fears of my money being completely lost.

So there I go again to talk with customer support, probably spent again over 2 hours re-explaining the situation, keep getting transferred to a “specialist” team that promises all is going to work out next time. Next pickup scheduled, now for 20th July, why do I have a feeling the same story is going to be repeated?

I knew I had to resort to taking this to Reddit and Twitter. Here are links of the same happening with other people in an unsettlingly similar way. I’m not an outlier, this is a systemic error!

Got scammed by Amazon on buying a gaming laptop

I got scammed by amazon today

Amazon scammed me and not giving a refund even after video proof HELPPP

Amazon pulls out of bidding for IPL rights

The media reported that Amazon was pulling out of bidding for IPL rights
It appears that the management has decided that it is not worth spending so much money, since Amazon is already a well known brand.
Most of the other companies bidding are making huge profits, while Amazon India was allegedly making a loss till a few quarters ago
They can use the money for attracting and retaining more customers instead of branding

13 FIRs filed against Meesho for selling anti-abortion drugs

According to media reports, after the FIR against Amazon, now 13 FIRs filed against Meesho for selling anti-abortion drugs in different cities and towns. Like most marketplaces, Meesho has a large number of sellers, and some sellers from Uttar Pradesh and Delhi were allegedly selling anti-abortion drugs and kits like Unwanted and Dr Morepen without a medical prescription. FDA ordered these kits and drugs, which were then delivered by courier, following which the FIR was filed.
With the casting couch for getting jobs, widespread especially government jobs the demand for these drugs may be very high. The top indian sugar babies, sunaina, siddhi who are getting monthly salaries for faking domain ownership including this one may be the inspiration for a large number of young people, increasing the demand for these drugs

FIR filed against Amazon for selling abortion pills without medical prescription

The newspapers reported that FDA had filed FIR filed against Amazon for selling abortion pills without medical prescription. It appears that FDA staff is closely monitoring the listings on Amazon and placing orders for items which are suspicious.
They are then filing the FIR. In this case abortion pills, Akare were being sold by a seller from Odissa, and the FIR was filed against amazon

Naaptol server allegedly hacked, sending messages that orders are delivered to those who did not order anything

Due to government slavery, financial fraud the domain investor has very less money , so she cannot afford to order things which are not essential.
Yet on April 23, 2022, she got a message from Naaptol that a order was delivered.
The domain investor did not place any order for the last 60 days and did not make any payment since she does not have much money. It appears that someone is misusing her name to place orders on Naaptol,mainly to frame her
Yet she got the message that the order was delivered. The only reason is that Naaptol server allegedly hacked, sending messages that orders are delivered to those who did not order anything

It appears that raw employee ruchika kinge got the paybak item ordered cancelled

Though she and her associates have not found any proof for 12 years, there is no limit to the extreme greed of the haryana mba hr ruchika kinge in stealing the hard earned money, resume of a hardworking single woman engineer. Though the single woman has very less money, ruthless ruchika and the frauds hiding behind her are always making fake allegations of black money.It appears that ordering anything from naptol, is a major mistake, since the scammer ruchika is now making fake allegations of black money based on the orders placed during the covid pandemic a year ago, when most shops were closed.
Payback claims that the the item ordered is lost,and they will redeem the points, yet the points are not refunded till date


Online stores continue to advertise their requirement for delivery boys

With casinos closed in goa, the local newspapers have lost their major advertisers. There are also very few classified advertisements in the newspaper. Most of the job advertisements are for delivery boys, since many of the online stores are getting many orders.
The salary offered is also quite decent by goa standards, Rs 15000 – Rs 20000



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Internet banking blocked for experienced webmasters in india, so that relatives and friends of top officials can get government salaries with fake resumes

Internet banking blocked for experienced webmasters in india in resume theft fraud
Cybercrime levels in india are increasing because the top indian tech, internet companies and officials are pathological liars and frauds. The times of india and other newspapers are always carrying the news of people losing large amounts of money from their bank account in various cybercrimes .
Money is lost from the bank account only if internet banking is enabled, and it appears that government agencies are only enabling internet banking for those who do not know much about the internet, so that cybercriminals can easily steal money.
This exposes top level fraud in the indian internet sector, experienced webmasters have their internet banking systematically blocked to criminally defame them, steal their resume, so that the lazy greedy fraud friends and relatives of top officials like greedy goan fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, goan bhandari sunaina chodan, haryana scammer mba hr ruchika kinge, can steal their resume, and get monthly government salaries with the stolen resumes, without doing any work, without investing any money online