Amazon allegedly pays Rs 5126 crores in 2020-2021 as legal fees

In India corruption levels are the highest in the world, top indian,state government employees like pritesh chodankar are the greediest and Amazon is allegedly paying the bribes through their legal counsel according to media reports
The Hindi news channel News nation is allegedly affiliated with one of Amazon’s major rivals in India, who is a major sponsor of the news
The channel carried a debate on Amazon paying its bribes through it legal counsel.
In the debate, Newsnation claimed that in 2019-2020, Amazon had revenues of Rs 18070, paid legal fees of Rs 3420, while in 2020-2021, Amazon revenues were Rs 24015 crores with legal fees of Rs 5126 crores
They commented that the legal fees were very high as a percentage of revenues. Due to the government SLAVERY of the domain investor, which refuses to acknowledge the money and time being spent, the domain investor did not have the time to watch the entire debate.