The First Steps of Property Flipping

My wife and I have been wanting to dip our toes into the real estate market for some time, and we finally did when we purchased a home for sale in our own neighborhood. The home needed a bit if sprucing up, which is why we were able to get it for a good price. We needed to get an air conditioner installation in NYC for it, new carpeting needed to be put in, the rooms needed to be painted, and even some plumbing work had to be done. It was the perfect project for a couple who wanted to make a profit out of something that needs a bit of love and care.

Some things, like painting the rooms and putting in new carpet, were tasks that my wife and I could handle on our own to save money. Unfortunately, neither of us knew a lot about plumbing or how to install an air conditioner, and rather than risk doing it ourselves and making some kind of mistake that would only result in us spending more money than we initially wanted, we simply decided to find companies to take care of those tasks for us.

Finding one company to install an air conditioner and another to do plumbing work is easy enough when you can just search online for all of the positive reviews that people leave. In the old days, we would have needed to call around and ask anyone in the area if they had used a company, which would have taken a lot more time and effort. The air conditioner installation was done in a day, but the plumbing work had to be done over a couple of days because there was a lot of old stuff that needed to be swapped out for more modern plumbing.

Converting a Closet to a Bathroom

When my husband and I bought our home several years ago, we thought it was perfect for us. In all truthfulness, it was at the time. As we started to both make more money though, we saw some things at the house that we wanted to change. Some were minor changes that we could take care of ourselves, like installing ceiling fans. Other projects required that we use a carpenter in Bristol. Since we had never had to use this type of professional before, I knew that we were going to have to study up on the ones in our area so we hired only the best one.

That part was easy because there are plenty of local review sites, and one carpentry company stood out from the others. We filled out an information sheet on their website, and we had a call later that day. We wanted to transition a large master closet into a bathroom, which was something I had always wanted. I did not mind giving up my closet because each of the bedrooms have a large closet, and I could just take over the one in the guest room. I would much rather have a bath right there in the bedroom area.

The carpenter came out to give us an estimate, and it was definitely within our budget. My brother is a plumber, so he was able to take care of that portion of the work. The carpenter did the door fitting, creating the new bathroom closet, tiling the floor and several other things. It did not take long, and I was completely satisfied when he was done with the work. Between the carpenter and my brother, we had our dream bathroom in less than two weeks. It is definitely a much better use of the space!