Amazon delivery delays in panaji, goa due to system changes and rio network problems

It appears that amazon has changed its delivery system, due to which there are delivery delays in panaji, goa on 9 february 2021
For one item, USB pen drive, the domain investor got the message that it was delivered at 10.44 am when actually it was delivered 3-4 hours later.
The order was mainly placed, because the domain investor is running out of keyboards , the keyboard was delivered around 5.15 pm.
The delivery person was finding it very difficult to record the delivery in his mobile based system, so he was spending a lot of time. He said that there was a problem with his internet connection since the morning, he was using the rio network (name changed)
Finally the domain investor told the delivery person to got and stand near the window, he may get better internet connectivity.

Amazon is having a legal dispute with a Rio business partner, which is widely covered in the indian mainstream media, yet it appears that a large number of amazon delivery persons are using the rio internet connection.

One of the easiest ways for the Rio business partner, to cause losses to amazon , who is called “dog in the manger” who would never conquer india, is using the rio network to cause problems for the Amazon delivery persons