Huge number of online complaints on Saree Dzire, Cute Girl creations and others, indicate widespread CORRUPTION FRAUD in indian tech, internet sector, ntro, raw, cbi

Since 2010, ntro, raw, cbi have ROBBED all the correspondence of the single woman domain investor, goa 1989 jee topper, a private citizen owning this website, and also blocked payment from indian customers, after committing a Rs 15 lakh annual FINANCIAL fraud to get greedy gujju stock broker asmita patel and other frauds monthly raw/cbi salaries falsely claiming that they are worried about honesty, though no has proof against her to give a written complaint.

Yet, if the indian government agencies were so worried about honesty, there would be no complaints online , no one would cheat other indian citizens. However, if the indian complaint websites are checked,hundreds of indian citizens are cheated by online shopping websites like
Saree Dzire
Kapada market
Finifox Fashion
Fitx pro
M vastram
Combo Hunt
Cute Girl creations
Brothers Footprint

These websites are all taking payment for clothes and other items and are not delivering the clothes, other items. Yet ntro, raw, cbi who are not harassing the business owners of cute girl creations, and others, they are free to receive payment and their correspondence is also not robbed, so they can cheat other indian citizens
For example the domain investor, a private citizen, is making Rs 25000 monthly from link sales to customers outside india, yet because of the ntro/raw/cbi harassment, criminal defamation of her, she is not able to sell any link sales in india on all websites including this one, though she is spending Rs 4-5 lakh annually on domain renewals alone. NTRo, raw, cbi are allowing all the above websites to sell to indian citizens though they are not delivering, why is the domain investor not allowed to sell guest posts on links to indian citizens.

So the goa 1989 JEE topper would like to ask google, tata, FRAUD liar indian tech and internet companies, ntro, raw, cbi, indian and state governments especially in goa, why no one is robbing the correspondence, blocking payment of the websites listed above and other online companies who are openly cheating other citizens, only her correspondence and payment is robbed by cbi employee robber riddhi nayak caro and others for the last ten years without a legally valid reason, causing great financial losses to her