Airplant Order placed on Amazon not delivered in panaji, though the item is shown as delivered

Usually the Amazon delivery person will contact on phone before attempting a delivery, if the recipient is not at home.
The domain investor had ordered an air plant, and could not contact the Amazon number ending in 4444 in panaji, goa to finalize the delivery time
When Amazon was contacted using Airtel it was giving the error , invalid number
On 29 September 2019,around 8 pm,the item was shown as delivered, handed over to the customer
In reality the item was not delivered to the customer, the delivery person had incorrectly entered the status wrongly or delivered to another person intentionally
So the buyer was forced to waste time complaining to find out where the item had gone,
This is one reason why placing orders on Amazon is very expensive in goa since amazon delivery is controlled by the call girl R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi, who ntro falsely claims are online experts and their associates, when they are only sex experts, the whole day was wasted waiting for the order to be delivered, then in complaining that the item was not delivered.

It is better to pay cash and get immediate delivery for the item in many cases in goa because the great powers given to sex service providers in goa