R&AW/cbi employees falsely claim credit for online purchases of domain investor

The $420 million fine on TCS and TRADE SECRET THEFT cases against TCS in the United states are an indication of the widespread fraud in the indian internet and tech sector with the largest companies and top officials in NTRO shamelessly abusing their powers to make fake claims
One of the main problems faced by the domain investor is how raw/cbi employees like sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, riddhi caro nayak, naina chandan are falsely claiming to own the credit card of the domain investor to get a monthly salary, and great powers, when they do not own the credit card and also do not pay the credit card bill.
These fraud raw/cbi employees only rely on their powerful friends and relatives in NTRO to abuse their powers and make fake claims, while criminally defaming the real credit card holder who is working hard to make the payment.
There is no connection between the raw/cbi employees, their sugar daddies in ntro in 2019, so why is ntro falsely associating these raw/cbi employees with a harmless private citizen, defaming, cheating and exploiting her

When will the online shopping fraud of the raw/cbi employees in goa end, India claims that all citizens are equal, so why are raw/cbi employees getting credit for money they do not spend