On Amazon only Micromax L1160 laptop is available , L1161 are out of stock

Till June 2018, there were many laptops available costing Rs 10000 or less available for sale in India
However in November 2018, there is almost no laptop available which is costing less than Rs 10000 at Amazon.in
Micromax appears to have discontinued the L1161 laptop due to unknown reasons
The Micromax L1161 was one of the best laptops available in India for the last 5 years, it was far better than HP and other laptops and cost less than Rs 10000.
Only the keyboard was a problem, otherwise it was a very good quality laptop.
Now the domain investor will have to try different other laptop models to find an equivalent laptop of similar quality

Each of these laptops is costing Rs 10000+, and the quality of the laptop will be known only after it is used.
The domain investor had purchased two different variations of these L1161 laptops, now money will be wasted to find equally good laptops . At present only L1160 Micromax laptops are available