Ebay.in was popular for selling indian notes and coins

The shutting down of Ebay.in adversely affected many indians who were using it for selling indian currency notes and coins. Ebay.in was the only reliable platform in India for selling indian currency notes and coins, there is almost no other website in India for selling the coins and notes.
According to some sources, selling indian currency notes is not legal, however selling coins is legal.

Currency notes containing the lucky number 786 were extremely popular on Ebay
Other number series like 999999 were also popular. Some of the sellers were extremely professional in their listing and had a large number of rare currency notes. Demonetized currency notes were also being sold on Ebay.in, now they can be only sold at Ebay.com

Most of the sellers on Ebay, were able to find buyers for their currency notes if the notes were reasonably priced.
It would be interesting to find out, if there is any alternative platform developed for selling the currency notes and coins in India.